Project Success – Beating the Odds

Project Success – Beating the Odds


More than half of major projects fail and when those projects fail, it’s rarely technical; the majority of projects fail because of the way they are planned and managed; or rather how they are not planned! Organisations invest in project planning tools and they invest in project planning staff. Having thus obtained the necessary components to develop project plans, their assumption is that, since one thing follows another, the result will be that they have viable project plans.

Unfortunately in many cases this is over-optimistic. Effective project planning requires that the right people and the right tools are able to produce the right results, but this will not happen without the right standards and the right methods.

Many project plans look impressive, but this can be superficial. They are like icebergs, with much of their substance hidden below the surface, thus hiding serious structural faults which will result in failure to deliver reliable forecasts and ultimately in project failure.

Project Pilots can determine the quality of a schedule, through the use of standard metric analysis of logic, detail, constraints, leads and lags and float supplemented with expert commentary on the results highlighting what is wrong with the schedule, why it matters and how the deficiencies should be addressed.

Our service begins at a fixed price of £500 plus VAT for any Primavera project up to 1500 activities in size. We can provide cost effective quotations for larger and more complex projects or programmes and we have similar expertise in other well-known project planning environments.

If you are interested in beating the odds, then email for further information  and ask us about the P2 Assessment.

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