Are you failing to plan?

(If not, you could be planning to fail!)

You may have no project planning capacity at all, or perhaps you are bidding for a major contract that demands a well-constructed project schedule, better still you’ve already won that contract and now need to deliver or perhaps you’ve just learned the hard way that poor planning leads to poor outcomes.

Whatever your project planning requirement you should consider Project Pilots. We offer project planning and controls expertise, second to none, tailored to suit your needs and budget; furthermore our service and our reputation are first rate.

He who fails to plan is planning to fail.– Winston Churchill

Our vision

We aim to offer a cost effective, innovative, effective and robust service to our clients .

We believe that a job well done is its own reward and our business is built on its reputation. Don’t take our word for it, our clients agree and many of them come back to us time and again as a result. So if you are searching for trusted advisors, rather than just another consultancy, look no further than Project Pilots!

Proper Planning


Proper Prior Planning Prevents Pitifully Poor Performance and we have a substantial track record to proving it. From your very first engagement with us we will demonstrate a commitment to the proper planning that is so often lacking in projects both large and small.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” – Benjamin Franklin

Our expertise

We are project delivery and planning experts. We develop and maintain project plans of all sizes and complexity with equal enthusiasm. We also offer strategic advice, implementation support and planning controls guidance with an emphasis on practicality. We have a talent for delivering easy to understand solutions to sophisticated problems.


We’ve travelled far and expect to continue doing so to satisfy our clients, but we are also fully equipped to provide remote support too; we offer cloud hosted Primavera environments and collaboration via videoconferencing.

Value for Money

Our Fractional Consultancy business model allows us to deliver a high-quality service at a fraction of the price of other consultancies. Quite simply, you negotiate and pay for only the services you require from Project Pilots. We are not a full-time cost to your business and you won’t have to worry about those unpaid gaps in our own calendars. Once we’ve established our relationship, you’ll have the commitment and expertise appropriate to support your project planning.


Project Failure vs Project Success

Far too many projects fail! Too many projects end in claims and adjudication. The next failure may not even be your fault, but it can be prohibitively expensive to prove. Any dispute exposes all parties to reputational damage. Whilst proper project planning alone cannot guarantee a successful project outcome, it is amongst the most easily correctable causes and good planners today cost far less than good lawyers tomorrow.


Our Commitment to you

We understand that our Clients have businesses to run and that sometimes tough decisions need to be made. We’re pragmatic and strive to be invaluable, not indispensable. So the day you no longer need us is the day our assignment finishes.

We support this commitment with defined work packages with clear exit points and minimum notice requirements. This has resulted in enduring relationships with clients who appreciate being able to call on us week by week rather than being locked into long term contracts that are really past their sell-by dates.

Of course we also understand your need for our commitment and provide whatever assurance you need; in nearly two decades of trading we have never terminated an assignment ourselves.


(Photos by Brett Jordan from Pexels)

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